There is an emergency for preteen girls and there is an opportunity
to save them from the lies and traps of this world. Princess911 and Luella Girl are strategies to build in girls before high school a strong foundation of knowing who they are so they can live it out!
Princess911 Curriculum Kit and Luella Girl Website and e-magazine coming soon! 
Luella Girl is an online community for girls. Everything they do on the website, whether that be commenting on an article, sharing a recipe, playing a game, doing the daily live it out dare, etc., will give them points to earn merchandise, unlock games and more on the website!

The girls will be able to access the online Luella Girl magazine. It is a bi-monthly interactive magazine filled with videos, secret codes to gain access to behind the scenes interviews, special games and more!

One of girls top wish is for their parents to communicate better with them. We want to help facilitate that important communication. There will be a section just for the parents, grandparents or caregiver where we'll post some of the topics covered in the current issue of the online magazine that they can discuss with their girl.

We desire to empower girls by giving them the 411 on what they care about and need to know. This will lead them into positive lifestyle choices with the many decisions girls have to make everyday!

"Luella Girl is a fun, positive celebration of smart, strong girls with a spiritual component, too. This "tween" age is foundational to so much of how girls see themselves later in life, and what a fun, cool way to remind them they are loved daughters of the King. I wish I had something like this when I was younger."

- Laura, mom to Becca (13) and Noelle (11)

Princess911 Groups are where girls have enriching experiences, learn life skills that build confidence and make fun memories. They have a mentor placed in their lives, find life long friends and grow in their relationship with God. The groups meet consistently and follow the Princess911 Curriculum. There are different levels of curriculum that the girls can go through. These groups are united by their crowns, their meaningful experiences and fun, silly Princess911 traditions. Each level is comprised of 14 meetings that are engaging for girls with components such as the Dare, Secret and Truth Time, Parlor Time, a service component, games and activities that tie into and underscore what they are learning and more, including girl talk galore!

Princess911 Groups are defining themselves God's way as the group covers strategic key issues and fulfills the six main needs that each preteen girl has. Girls will be able to identify the real from the counterfeit when it comes to what's cool, popular, and modeled through the media and culture.

The curriculum can be used in many different spheres of society such as the church, school and the community. Princess911 is something that girls are asking for and needing at this age.

With a Princess911 membership, girls get access to the Luella Girl website. So not only are they a part of this unique sisterhood in real life, but they can be a part of it online and through the magazine!

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“Since my daughter joined Princess911, I've seen a huge change in her personality and how she communicates.  I've even noticed a difference in her grades!  Every week she shares with me the different things that were talked about and the new friendships she is making.  We can see the growth in her both spiritually and in her boldness."- Susan, mother of 12 year old

"I don't feel worthless or ugly anymore."- Ruth, age 11

"I didn't grow up having a godly woman in my life to mentor me and be a friend with me through difficult times so when I heard about Princess911- I was like omygosh it's my opportunity to be what I wanted and it was huge because of the pressures and knowing how it is- not to understand what God's views are and having those Christian friends around you.  Seeing the transformation from when the girls first came to the Graduation is amazing.  The girls and parents LOVE Princess911!"

- April, Princess911 Leader

“…The feedback has been superior - from the girls and their parents alike. It has been a great blending of church and community - a no-nonsense approach to the stuff that matters most to pre-adolescent females. We have a waiting list for the spring session of Princess911 and truthfully, we are as excited as the girls!”

Ruth, Pastor of Church Ministries

"Mrs. Turner will not stop raving about what Princess911 had done for her daughter.  Megan was very shy, closed in...she's done a 180 degree shift- personal wise.  Her mom says it's because of Princess911- that's where Megan started opening up and wanting to be a part of stuff- her confidence just shot up!"

Andrea, Princess911 Leader

“From the very moment my daughter found out about Princess911, she couldn't think of anything else. She wanted to invite all the girls from her class at school. The meetings were always the highlight of her week, and every day not at a meeting was spent in counting the days until the next one!...I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone with a preteen daughter.”

- Linda, mother of 10 year old

 “…Before I came to Princess911, it was really true that I was in a state of emergency where I was accepting being bullied and accepting lies as a normal part of life…Now I know that all those…comments about me were not true at all.  I know how much I am loved, and I know how both boys and girls should treat me and how to respect myself as a young and beautiful girl…I had loads of fun!  We learned from the Bible things that will help us grow and love in the Lord!”

-Lisa, age 13

Princess911 and Luella Girl are preteen faith based movement of girls discovering, knowing and living out who they are!

Want to start a Princess911 Group or know someone who may be interested?  Enter your email address down below if you want to keep updated when the Princess911 curriculum will be available to purchase and as well when the Luella Girl website is launched with the e-magazine.